House With A Good View - Tasty Sex (2014) - 전망좋은 하우스 - 맛있는 섹스

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House With A Good View - Tasty Sex (2014) - 전망좋은 하우스 - 맛있는 섹스 poster

Date Created: 21/10/2016
Date Modified: 02/11/2016
Genre: |
Runtime: 68 min -
Dong-won and Mi-ae have been married for 8 years. Ji-yoon moves in next door. Mi-ae has to work and Dong-won doesn't and she relieves her stress outside with other men. Dong-won doesn't know this and waits for her to come home every night so he can have sex with her. One day Mi-ae comes home after having sex with someone else but is annoyed at her husband asking for sex. Ji-yoon has a boyfriend. She sees him with another woman one day but can't break up with him. She moves to try and fix the fling of his, right next to Dong-won and Mi-ae. She gets close with Dong-won as he helps her lift boxes and they end up having sex. They fall for each other as time passes and Mi-ae starts thinking her husband is neglecting her...