Last (2015 TV Series Korean 라스트)

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Last (2015 TV Series Korean 라스트) poster

Date Created: 21/09/2015
Date Modified: 21/09/2015
Runtime: 16/16 -

The main character, Tae-ho (Yoon Kye-Sang) starts out as a sharp fund manager who is expecting a massive payday to come in, only to have a deal go bad and ruin him and his partner, to the tune of many millions. They’ve got scary gangster investors clamoring for their money back and seemingly no way out, and Tae-ho’s partner kills himself in despair. Tae-ho is also feeling cornered and desperate after losing everything (becoming homelessness), but he vows to not let this bad deal kill him and works his way back. The story depicts the pecking order of the homeless people who live inside Seoul Station and the secret organizations among them. It’s an action-thriller about a hero who claws himself up from rock bottom to figure out what went wrong with his deal and get his life back.



Yoon Kye-sang as Jang Tae-ho
Lee Beom-soo as Kwak Heung-sam
Seo Ye-ji as Shin Na-ra
Park Won-sang as Ryu Jong-gu
Park Ye-jin as Seo Mi-joo
Gong Hyung-jin as Cha Hae-jin
Jeong Jong-jun as Chairman Jo
Ahn Se-ha as Go Young-chil
Goo Jae-yee as Yoon Jung-min
Lee Yong-woo as Kang Se-hoon[6]
Kim Hyung-kyu as Samagwui ("mantis")
Lee Cheol-min as Doksa ("poisonous snake")
Jang Won-young as Akeo ("crocodile")
Kim Young-woong as Sergeant Bae
Jo Jae-yoon as Baemnun ("snake eye")
Yoon Je-moon as Jakdoo ("straw cutter")
Lee Do-kyeong as President Jung
Park Hyuk-kwon as Park Min-soo
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