Logan Lucky (2017)

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Date Created: 26/12/2017
Date Modified: 26/12/2017
Runtime: 118 min -
Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.
Logan Lucky is a 2017 American heist comedy film directed by Steven Soderbergh, based on a screenplay and original script written by unknown newcomer Rebecca Blunt. Soderbergh came out of retirement to direct the film and to distribute it independently through his own company Fingerprint Releasing. The film features an ensemble castconsisting of Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Riley Keough, Daniel Craig, Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, Hilary Swank, Katherine Waterston and Sebastian Stan, and follows the unlucky Logan family who plan to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway, and try to avoid getting caught by the FBI.

Logan Lucky was premiered in Knoxville on August 9, 2017, and was released in the United States on August 18, 2017, by Bleecker Street. The film received positive reviews, with many critics praising Soderbergh's direction and the cast's performances, and grossed $46.7 million worldwide.

Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum), a blue-collar laborer whose once-promising football career was ruined by an injury, is laid off from his construction job at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. While visiting his ex-wife Bobbie Jo (Katie Holmes) to pick up their daughter Sadie for a beauty pageant rehearsal, he learns that Bobbie Jo and her new husband intend to move to Lynchburg, making it even harder for Jimmy to visit.

Angry, Jimmy goes to a bar, run by his brother Clyde (Adam Driver), an Iraq-War veteran who lost part of his left arm and now wears a prosthetic forearm and hand. Max Chilblain (Seth MacFarlane), a pretentious, British businessman & NASCAR-team owner, and his friends arrive and insult Clyde, landing Max in a fight with Jimmy. Meanwhile, Clyde sets fire to Max's car with a molotov cocktail. On his way out, Jimmy yells "cauliflower," which Clyde recognizes as a code word they used when they committed crimes as young boys. The next day, Jimmy reveals his plan to rob the Speedway, exploiting his knowledge of their pneumatic tube system for moving money.

Clyde agrees to the plan, and he and Jimmy recruit their sister Mellie (Riley Keough), Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), a convicted safecracker, as well as Joe's dimwitted brothers Sam and Fish (Brian Gleeson and Jack Quaid). They plan to break Joe out of prison and return him, as soon as the heist is complete, before anyone notices. Clyde intentionally gets himself sent to prison on a minor charge. Mellie, Sam, and Fish infest the Speedway's pneumatic tubes with cockroaches that they'd painted different colors, helping them determine which set of tubes to use. While gathering supplies, Jimmy meets former schoolmate Sylvia (Katherine Waterston), who runs a mobile clinic in need of donations; Sylvia provides Jimmy with a tetanus shot, and the two strike up a conversation. Later, Jimmy learns that construction at the speedway is being completed ahead of schedule, forcing them to reschedule the heist for an earlier date, during the much busier Coca-Cola 600 race on Memorial Day weekend.

Joe and Clyde arrange for the prison's inmates to stage a riot, resulting in a lockdown that will hide their absence. They escape through the infirmary and exit the prison by hiding under a delivery truck. Mellie meets them with a sports car, stolen from Bobbie Jo's husband, and drives them to the Speedway. Meanwhile, Sam and Fish destroy a generator with an explosive, forcing all speedway vendors to accept cash only. Joe improvises an explosive from bleach, gummy bears, and a dietary salt substitute, which he detonates within the pneumatic tube system, allowing the crew to begin collecting all of the vendors' cash. The staff notices smoke coming out of the tubes, and security guards are dispatched to investigate, but a diversion set up by Jimmy and one of Clyde's bar patrons prevents them from discovering the heist. Complications arise when the airflow in the tube delivering the money is reversed, suctioning Clyde's prosthetic arm off of his body and causing it to get lost, deep in the tube. Soon thereafter, while making their way back to the prison, Clyde and Joe are spotted by Chilblain and his sponsored NASCAR driver Dayton White (Sebastian Stan).

Nevertheless, the job is a success, and Jimmy makes it to his daughter's pageant, just as she performs a rendition of his favorite song, "Take Me Home, Country Roads." Jimmy then abandons the money and anonymously alerts the police so they can retrieve it.

FBI agent Sarah Grayson (Hilary Swank) investigates the heist. However, due to the unwillingness of the prison authorities to disclose the extent of the riot, due to the refuting of Chilblain's eyewitness account by White (disgruntled because he crashed during the Coca-Cola 600 because he drank some of Chilblain's Champagne as part of the sponsorship deal), and due to the Speedway administration's satisfaction with their insurance settlement, the case is closed after six months. Joe is released and returns to his old home where, prompted by a red shovel that someone leaves on his porch anonymously, he finds part of the money, buried by a tree in his yard. It's then revealed that during the heist, Jimmy purposely separated several bags of money from the rest of the loot and sent them to the local dump with the regular trash. The rest he returned, to quell any potential investigations. Jimmy also retrieved Clyde's prosthetic hand from the vacuum tube. Now working as a Lowe'ssalesman and having bought a house next to his daughter and ex-wife's home, Jimmy happily reunites with his family at Clyde's bar, where they and the rest of the gang share drinks. Sylvia also arrives and shares a kiss with Jimmy. Clyde doesn't recognize one of the patrons, who turns out to be Grayson.


Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan
Adam Driver as Clyde Logan
Daniel Craig as Joe Bang
Riley Keough as Mellie Logan
Katie Holmes as Bobbie Jo Chapman
Farrah Mackenzie as Sadie Logan
Katherine Waterston as Sylvia Harrison
Dwight Yoakam as Warden Burns
Seth MacFarlane as Max Chilblain
Sebastian Stan as Dayton White
Brian Gleeson as Sam Bang
Jack Quaid as Fish Bang
Hilary Swank as Sarah Grayson
David Denman as Moody Chapman
Jim O'Heir as Cal
Macon Blair as Brad Noonan
LeAnn Rimes as Herself
Jesco White as Himself
Charles Halford as Earl
Fox NASCAR commentators as themselves:

Jeff Gordon
Darrell Waltrip
Mike Joy

Six other NASCAR drivers make cameo appearances in the film. Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch are West Virginia state troopers, Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano are security guards, Kyle Larson is a limousine driver, and Ryan Blaney is a delivery boy.
Directed bySteven Soderbergh
Produced by
Written byRebecca Blunt
Music byDavid Holmes
CinematographyPeter Andrews
Edited byMary Ann Bernard
Distributed by
Release date
  • August 9, 2017 (Knoxville)
  • August 18, 2017(United States)
Running time
119 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States
Budget$29 million[2]
Box office$46.7 million