Queen's Flower (2015 Korean TV series)

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Also known as Flower of the Queen, Victoria
Queen's Flower (Hangul: 여왕의 꽃; RR: Yeowangeui Ggot) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Kim Sung-ryung, Lee Sung-kyung, Lee Jong-hyuk and Yoon Park.It airs on MBC on Saturdays and Sundays 21:45 for 50 episodes beginning March 14, 2015.
Rena Jung (Kim Sung-Ryoung) is a beautiful, but ambitious star chef who hosts her own cooking show. Park Min-Joon (Lee Jong-Hyuk), is the first son of a family that runs a large company. He appears like an arrogant man, but he is a lonely man on the inside. He is attracted to Rena Jung.

In the past, Rena Jung abandoned her daughter for a chance at success. Her daughter was adopted when she was just a baby. Now, her daughter, Kang Yi-Sol (Lee Sung-Kyung), appears in front of her. 

Park Jae-Joon (Yoon Park) is Park Min-Joon’s younger stepbrother. He is popular with women and attracted to Kang Yi-Sol.