The Last Scandal of My Life (2015 Korean TV Series)

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The Last Scandal of My Life (2015 Korean TV Series) poster

Date Created: 29/06/2015
Date Modified: 29/06/2015
Runtime: 08 tập -
Top star Song Jae-Bin (Jung Joon-Ho) lied about his real name and age when he started out in the entertainment world. His real name is Jang Dong-Cheol. One day, Jae-Bin goes to shoot a commercial and there he meets Hong Sun-Hee (Choi Jin-Shil). Sun-Hee was actually Jae-Bin's first love during their high school days. Jae-Bin doesn't recognize Sun-Hee at first, because she has changed so much.

Meanwhile, Sun-Hee is a housewife. She is in a difficult financial situation due to her husband's failed business. When she meets Jae-Bin at the commercial shoot she hopes he might be able to help her out financially. The unexpected end result is that Sun-Hee starts working at Jae-Bin's home as a housemaid. Sun-Hee moves into his home with her daughter Ji-Min (Han Bo-Bae). Later, Sun-Hee's husband demands a divorce.

After 20 years, Jae-Bin and Sun-Hee are back together but now as an employer and employee. They sometimes have arguments and other times console each other. The couple also falls in love again ....
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