The Taste of Money (2012) - 돈의 맛

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Date Created: 05/08/2017
Date Modified: 05/08/2017
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Runtime: 115 min -
The Taste of Money (Hangul: 돈의 맛; RR: Donui Mat) is a 2012 South Korean erotic thriller film about a conglomerate-owning family.
Young-jak who is a private secretary of madam BAEK, the center power of Korean conglomerate, deals with immoral private issues of her wealthy family. As his desire for money and power grows, he endures whatever he’s ordered to do and letting people around him get hurt is not a concern for him. Meanwhile, Young-jak reports to madam BAEK that madam BAEK’s husband, Mr. YOON is having an affair with a Filipino nanny, Eva. Madam BAEK is now despaired, then greedily seducing Young-jak for her sexual desire. On the other hand, he begins to feel conflicted by madam BAEK’s daughter, the only family member who approaches him with the true heart. Lost between his morality and shortcut to successful life, he has to make the biggest decision he’s ever made to choose whom he will hang on to, in order to survive in this harsh world.
It triggered controversy and hype with its portrayal of the lives of the privileged in Korean society, exploring themes of sex and money, greed and ambition. A decadent and sensational film that presents biting commentary on the rich and famous, it is Im Sang-soo's seventh film.

Kim Kang-woo as Joo Young-jak[7][8][9]
Youn Yuh-jung as Baek Geum-ok[10]
Baek Yoon-sik as Chairman Yoon
Kim Hyo-jin as Yoon Nami
On Joo-wan s Yoon Chul/Charlie[11]
Maui Taylor as Eva[12][13][14]
Kwon Byung-gil as Noh, Geum-ok's father
Hwang Jung-min as Noh's assistant
Darcy Paquet as Robert Altman
Kal So-won as Ri-ni


The Taste of Money first and foremost explores the corrupting influence of money.[15] It is the spiritual sequel of Im's previous film, he calls it "an extension of The Housemaid. You can say that it’s the story of the children of The Housemaid who've grown up." It is his exploration of the world outside the household portrayed in that movie – "What Hoon does outside the home, what kind of parents he has, an expansion of the scope of The Housemaid."[16]

At the end of The Housemaid, a young girl Nami is in shock at witnessing the suicide of her nanny Eun-yi. Fully grown up as a divorcée with a child of her own, Nami is now a main character in this film.[17] She is the only member of the family with a moral sense.[18]

If The Housemaid asserted through a self-immolating woman the impossibility of overturning the classes, The Taste of Money asks the question of whether a beautiful and happy life really might be impossible in a dark society.[19] The conclusion seems to be that money makes it impossible live a happy life, and makes one troubled and abusive even to those nearest