Unkind Ladies (2015 Korean TV Series)

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Unkind Ladies (2015 Korean TV Series) poster

Date Created: 29/06/2015
Date Modified: 29/06/2015
Runtime: 24/24 -
Three generations of a family of women are led by matriarch Kang Soon-ok, a famous cooking instructor to the rich and famous. Her older daughter Kim Hyun-jung is a rising network anchor at a television station, while younger daughter Kim Hyun-sook is the black sheep of the family. Jung Ma-ri is Hyun-sook's daughter but takes after her aunt by being accomplished, and is on track to become the youngest professor at the university where she works. Ma-ri gets caught up in a love triangle between a pair of half-brothers, reporter Lee Doo-jin and kendo instructor Lee Roo-oh.