The Scarlet Letter (2004)

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Date Created: 29/07/2011
Date Modified: 01/02/2016
Runtime: 118 min -
The Scarlet Letter is a 2004 South Korean film about a police detective who investigates a murder case while struggling to hang onto his relationships with his wife and mistress. It is the second film by La Femis-graduate and academic Byun Hyuk (Daniel H. Byun), and starred Han Suk-kyu, Lee Eun-ju, Sung Hyun-ah and Uhm Ji-won.[1]The film debuted as the closing film of the Pusan International Film Festival in 2004
Lee Ki-hoon is an alpha male homicide detective; intelligent and with animal instincts. His wife, classical cellist Han Soo-hyun, is submissive and seemingly perfect. Meanwhile, he is carrying on a passionate affair with his mistress Choi Ga-hee, a sultry jazz singer at a nightclub. Ki-hoon lives a double life by moving back and forth between these two women, who also happen to be schoolmates from high school. One day Ki-hoon goes to a murder scene and there he meets Ji Kyung-hee, a woman accused of murdering her husband.[6][7]


Han Suk-kyu - Lee Ki-hoon
Lee Eun-ju - Choi Ga-hee
Uhm Ji-won - Han Soo-hyun
Sung Hyun-ah - Ji Kyung-hee
Kim Jin-geun - Jung Myung-sik
Kim Min-sung - Detective Jo
Jung In-gi - Detective Ahn
Choi Kyu-hwan - Detective Choi
Kim Hye-jin - Oh Yeon-sim
Do Yong-gu - President Han
Seol Ji-yoon - Madam

Awards and nominations[edit]

2004 Korean Association of Film Critics Awards[8]

Top Ten Films of the Year

2004 Blue Dragon Film Awards[9]

Nomination – Best Actor – Han Suk-kyu
Nomination – Best Actress – Lee Eun-ju
Nomination – Best Supporting Actress – Uhm Ji-won
Nomination – Best Music – Lee Jae-jin

2005 Baeksang Arts Awards

Nomination – Best Actress – Lee Eun-ju

2005 Grand Bell Awards

Nomination – Best Actress – Lee Eun-ju
Nomination – Best Art Direction – Kim Ji-soo
Nomination – Best Costume Design – Jo Yun-mi