Feu: Crazy Horse Paris (2012) 18+

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Feu: Crazy Horse Paris (2012) 18+ poster

Date Created: 19/05/2015
Date Modified: 09/05/2021
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In 2012, a famous fashion designer Christian Louboutin was invited to create a show for a Paris cabaret Crazy Horse. “Feu: Crazy Horse Paris” feature the musical pieces of the collaboration that was specially performed before the camera, with Louboutin appearing as a sort of guide of the whole show.

So “Feu” (meaning “fire”) is more like a visual record of dancing than a documentary, just like Wim Wenders’ “Pina” does, which beautifully captured the dance of Pina Bausch’s dance company. In both films, dancers talk before the camera. (And both films were shot in 3D.) The difference is that in “Feu: Crazy Horse Paris” dancers are all bare-breasted females.

The dancing footage – numbers like “God Save Our Bareskin” (regular opening act featuring Royal Horse Guards played by half-naked dancers), “Voodoo” “Legmania” “Upside Down” etc. – are all unique and beautifully choreographed. Some look more like leg-dancing. After all, this is guest-created by Christian Louboutin best known for his designs for shoes.

But I wasn’t impressed with the film itself very much partly because I found the editing a bit too fast. I thought the camera should have shown more extended sequences. Also, what Louboutin and the dancers say before the camera is not very interesting. “Feu: Crazy Horse Paris” is a visually intriguing documentary, but don't expect beyond that.